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Perfectly Mindful Origami: Origami Paper Boxes

Author(s): Mark Bolitho
ISBN: 9781911127130
Publisher: Jacqui Small / 2018
Language : English
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4.0000 (1 ratings)
Perfectly Mindful Origami: Origami Paper Boxes
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About this Book

This paperback book includes diagrams and instructions for 28 boxes, some modular and some non-modular, ranging in difficulty from very easy to very challenging. It comes with 30 sheets of 18cm square double-sided origami paper in assorted colors and patterns.
tgritter --
Diagrams and instructions are very clear, with beautiful photos of the finished models. Many of the models are traditional or are similar to box models I have seen in other books, particularly books by Tomoko Fuse. However, some of the models are quite unusual and were new to me. The paper which comes with this book is very nice.
Contents (16 models)