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Octagon Box Plain - Variation A Alternate Names:
Octagon Box Plain - Variation A
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Tomoko Fuse
Tomoko Fuse
Paper: Square
Pieces: 4
Cuts: No
Glue: No
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4.0000 (1 ratings)
Difficulty (Average)

3.0000 (1 ratings)

About this Model
Variation A involves making a small change to the basic unit of the author's Plain Octagon Box (page 89)-- then the units for Variation A are assembled in the same manner as for the Plain Octagon Box.
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If one color of paper is used to make two units, and a different color is used to make the other two units, and then the box is assembled by alternating the two different colors, a pattern resembling the vanes of a windmill will appear on the outside of this octagon box lid.

Instructions may be found in the following
Fabulous Origami Boxes : page 91.

Fabulous Origami Boxes
Page 91 (9 Steps)

Diag:Yes CP:No Video:No
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Folded by Teresa Ritter
Photo: Teresa Ritter